Hospital Utilities Service

Cuplin & Associates, Inc. (CA) served as project surveyor for the City of Marble Falls and worked closely with city officials, engineering representatives, Right-of-Way agents.

The following duties were completed by CA and delivered on-time within budget:

  • Property ownership research
  • Boundary base maps of a 1000’ foot wide corridor adjacent to both side of Hwy 281 and Hwy 71 south of the City of Marble Falls
  • Established first contacts with all prospective property owners along corridor for the City of Marble Falls
  • Delivered all information to be used in the alignment planning stages of project, and notified officials of problematic areas
  • Coordinated right-of-entry for subject property owners on behalf of City
  • Coordinated with City of Marble Falls Public Works Department location of underground water and sanitary sewer
  • Coordinated all other underground utility locations (fiber optics, gas, telephone, cable, etc.)
  • Established “Primary 1” control points throughout corridor
  • Boundary survey of the entire Right-of-Way for all of Hwy 281 from the north side of Lake Marble Falls to the intersection of Hwy 71 (approximately 5.5 miles)
  • Boundary survey for the entire Right-of-Way for approximately 2.0 miles of Hwy 71 at the intersection of Hwy 281
  • Boundary survey along Los Escondidos Road (Access Easement) from Hwy 281 to Gateway Parkway
  • Boundary survey of the entire Right-of-Way for all of Gateway Parkway
  • Boundary survey of the entire Right-of-Way for all of Gateway North
  • Boundary survey of the entire Right-of-Way for Max Starke East from the intersection of Gateway Parkway and Max Starke East to Hwy 281
  • Boundary survey for approximately 125 lot or parcels subject to or adjacent to alignments
  • Vertical as-built of sanitary sewer line suspended under the Hwy 281 Lake Marble Falls bridge
  • Topographical Design Survey of all alignments and/or realignments
  • Production of Primary horizontal and vertical control maps
  • Production of Right-of-Way maps
  • Production of all necessary AutoCAD files and XML packages
  • Production of all necessary easement exhibits and metes and bounds documents and revisions as needed for re-alignments
  • Placement of all boundary corners for all acquired easements
  • Construction layout of underground electric and fiber optics, under ground domestic water lines, underground sanitary sewer lines, bore pits and etc.
  • As-builts as required by the city for adjustments made to the alignments in the field by contractors