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Surveying Roles

What is an RPLS? 

RPLS stands for Registered Professional Land Surveyor. Cuplin & Associates, Inc has three licensed surveyors - Kyle Cuplin, KC Lust and Danny Stark. All three RPLS are required to complete continuing education requirements as well as annual renewal for their license. 

What does an RPLS do? 

Our registered surveyors review all workmanship completed by the Survey Field Crew and Survey Technicans. They ensure the survey data is correct and complete. Once their review is concluded, they will either approve the survey or require corrections. 

What is a Survey Technician? 

Our Survey Technicians are experienced and proficient AutoCAD draftsman. They perform a variety of calcuations based off the Field Crew's data to effectively draw an exhibit for your survey. 

What does the Field Crew do? 

Field crews are who you see on the property. We typically run two or three man crews to effectively gather data on the ground using our advanced GPS equipment and known monumention from recorded documents. The field crews will locate data for the property boundary, any structures, and much more then upload all the information to our internal server. The Survey Technician will use this to create the survey exhibit. 

Image by Scott Blake

Delays and Turnaround Times

We understand how important the survey is in order to move forward with many facets of the real estate and construction industries. 

It is our goal to provide your survey on time and for a reasonable cost.


Occasionally, we run into unforseen delays. Here are the most common reasons:

- Rain days or inclimate weather

- Insufficient records or monumentation on site 

- Missing documentation required to complete the survey

We are working hard to improve our internal procedures every day to that we can notify you as soon as we see a delay. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my project? 

Simply email our Customer Service team at with your address or project number if you have it handy. 

What areas do you service? 

Cuplin & Associates primarily operates in Burnet and Llano Counties as well as the immediate surrounding areas. We do expand our service area outside the Highland Lakes for large acreage, subdivisions and municipal projects. 

How can I get a copy of an old survey? 

Due to liabilty reasons, we only release surveys directly to the person certified on the survey exhibit and only if the survey is less than two years old. Anything older than two years will not be released. When requesting a copy of your old survey, please have the correct address ready so we can locate the project efficiently for you. 

I need an AutoCAD file. How do I request one? 

Effective November 1st, 2020 we will now charge a $75 fee to generate an AutoCAD file for any project that has been completed. We must receive written permission from the person certified on the survey as well as payment for the fee prior to releasing the DWG/AutoCAD file. The survey must also have been completed within the past two years. 

Do I need to be home when the field crew is on my property? 

No. As long as we have clear and rightful access to your property, we do not require that you are present. Please be sure to secure your animals. If a dog appears to be unfriendly, we will not enter your property or complete the field work due to liability reasons. 

What if I want to be present when the field crew is on my property?

We welcome you to be present! Our crews are able to answer general questions about what they are doing and why. However, they will not be able to answer any technical questions at that point. If you do have specific questions, our Field Crew Supervisors will be able to contact you after the field crew is finished. 

Can I set an appointment for the field crew to be onsite? 

You sure can. Just let us know at the time you order your survey what dates work best for you and we'll try to accomodate the appointment time. Our crews can also contact you when they are on the way, whether you make an appointment or not. 


Cuplin & Associates Office Located at 1500 Ollie Lane, Marble Falls

Survey Timeframe

Once your survey is ordered, we begin the following steps: 

Within the first few days, your order will be assigned a project number and we create all administrative documents for the team. 

Our research department begins to find all historical and recorded information regarding the subject property as well as surrounding lots or parcels. This helps our field crews find monumentation on site to hopefully reduce the amount of time they would have to manually search. 

Depending on the order volume and our client's needs, the field crews will arrive on site within 2-3 weeks from the date of order. We typically "hard schedule" the field crew appointment, but due to weather and time constraints we may shift the schedule accordingly. 

After the field crew completes their work, a Survey Technician will begin working on your project within a few days. Depending on the complexity of your survey - it typically takes the technican a few hours to complete the drafting portion. 

Once the survey is drafted, it is then reviewed by the RPLS. This is typically completed within a few hours after the technican is done. 

After the RPLS signs the survey, the Accounting team will invoice and deliver the survey. 


A snippet of the subdivision plat created for The Enclave in Horseshoe Bay.

Should I tell my neighbors I'm having a survey done? 

We always appreciate neighbors having a head's up that we may be working on or around their property, whenever appropriate. 

What do I do if I'm having a dispute with my neighbor? 

Anytime there is a potential dispute, we kindly ask that you alert us to what's going on. We want to be respectful to all parties and treat them with respect if they have concerns while our field crew is on site. If anyone asks our crews to vacate their property or leave the site, we have no other choice but to pull off the project. We want to avoid any confrontations and keep our employees safe. 

Now that I've got my survey, I have questions or need a correction. 

No problem at all! Our professional service does not end once you receive your survey. We are available to answer any questions or address any corrections, concerns, etc that you may have. Just give us a shout! 

I need a copy of my survey done by Marble Falls Surveying and Mapping. How do I get a copy?  

In spring of 2016, we moved into the MFSM office in Marble Falls after Mr. Calhoun retired. Unfortunately, we do not have access or authority to release any of his surveys. We are unable to provide contact information for him. 

What types of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit/debit cards with a 3% convenience fee. To avoid the fee, you can also pay online with an electronic check. Otherwise, we accept checks and cash. 

My invoice is past due, but I need more work. What do I do? 

We kindly request that all balances are paid prior to starting new work. If you are experiencing a hardship, please give us a call to discuss alternative payment plans. 

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