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Anyone can order a survey. The type of survey you need will depend on your purpose. 

Please consider it can take on average about three weeks to complete a survey. Our turnaround time varies by season and we will always to our best to deliver your survey on time and for a reasonable price. 

When ordering your survey, it's important to let us know every concern you may have and the goals you are trying to accomplish. This helps us serve you best and ensure you receive the correct service. 

Surveying can be confusing and there are many facets of services we perform. Below you'll find explanations between each type of survey. 

Title surveys are the most common type of survey 

House Viewing

Are you buying or selling a property?

You will most likely need a Land Title Survey.


Title surveys will identify the land boundaries and any improvements on the property. Title companies and lenders usually require this type of survey to ensure that there are no structures encroaching on the property. They will also use the title survey to verify that there are no zoning or property restrictions that could cause an issue.

In order for us to complete a title survey, we will need the Title Committment documents from your title company. 

We also need to know when you are closing on the property. Most transactions cannot be completed until the lender has received and approved the title survey.

If your property is lakefront, you may also need an Elevation Certificate. Be sure to ask your realtor agent, title company and/or insurance agency if you need one. Read more about Elevation Certificates below.

Need something special? We can accomodate most requests!

Are you adding an improvement to the property you already own?

You will most likely need a Boundary Survey. 

This type of survey will identify the boundary of your property and include any building setbacks or easements per documents such as your property deed or other known county/city/subdivision regulations.


Any existing improvements on the property will be documented as well. This includes structures like a home, pool, shed, fence, etc. 

We will establish the boundary on site as well by using standard surveying markers. Most commonly used items are stakes or iron rods in the earth and nails set in concrete or asphalt. 

Carpenters at Work

Cuplin & Associates can provide all surveying needs during the home building process.

Are you starting the process of building your new home?

You will most likely need a Topographic Survey along with other construction surveying services. 

Cuplin & Associates can provide a detailed survey to include all natural and man-made features on your property. This includes elevations, contours, trees (generally eight inches or larger) and any water elements. 

The topographic survey will be presented in a PDF exhibit as well as an AutoCAD base file for your architect and design team. 

Other surveying services we provide for the new construction process includes form surveys, construction staking, building site plans, and more. 

Building a House
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